Welcome to the PT doctor blog!  I hope to share my passion for this great profession with each and every reader who stumbles across these pages.  I’ve posted a brief abstract as to why I created this blog on the “Purpose” page for future reference.  For now, let me kick-start this blog by giving you my rationale.

Physical therapy is a profession with its best times ahead.  While the prevalence of musculoskeletal injuries and the sequela of chronic conditions increases, physical therapists are forging ahead as the providers of choice for the many aches and pains that life has to offer.  The professional organization (APTA) and its members are working hard to ensure that patients have a choice when it comes to seeking care for these injuries – and in many ways, they have it right when they say, “you have surgery, you have drugs, or you have us (PT)”.   

Young, knowledgeable, and talented clinicians, educators, and researchers continue to show why physical therapy is so valuable in today’s environment.  We are improving in the treatment of problems like low back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, and others.  The research shows it and so do our outcomes.

However, the profession is in sort of an identity crisis.  We are constantly confused with personal trainers, massage therapists, and athletic trainers – none of which have nearly the education and skills of a physical therapists.  It’s time that we (especially the young professionals) step forward and define who we are and what we do for the public.  In a health care system that is broken and rewards based on quantity over quality, it is vital that we take a stand and preserve a place as compassionate and competent practitioners. 

 I hope that this blog will answer some questions, spike some interest, and spark some constructive and critical discussion about our profession, where we are heading, the challenges we face, and how we will take our place as the providers of choice for musculoskeletal problems.